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Jeep Girl Mafia is an all girl Jeep club founded out of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We have chapters all across the United States and in Canada.

Founded in June 2021. We are focused on fun and family oriented activities for women who drive a Jeep. We want to give Jeep girls a safe place to share their experiences and knowledge with others.
Jeep Girl Mafia is a place where everyone is welcome. JGM makes sure that everyone is included and has a home with us. We welcome you without judgement and provide a place where we, as women, can all support, encourage, and love one another.

Jeep Girl Mafia believes that Women need other women in their lives who will support them unconditionally. Women need other women who will root for them, love them, value them and stand in their corner no matter the weather.

In the off-road community, where we are often undermined, undervalued and unsupported, we need each other more than ever.

All you have to do to join is own a Jeep, be a female, and like to socialize and have fun!

"Celebrating another woman's triumphs or success will never take away from your shine or glory. If anything, it'll add to it and create more light." - Alex Elle

It takes a village to thrive and be great. Come join our tribe!

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